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The bungalows are brand new,furnished in a traditional style, surrounded by lush trees and rosses on a plot with a boutique house.



All are equipped with bathroom, shower, bedroom, air conditioning, wifi, fridge, coffee, hair dryer, outdor relaxing space… On the property as well we have outside shower, cleaner, driver, house maneger and security, so your stay will be carefree.

On the way to the beach, some restorants, bars, local shops, pharmacy, doctor in the village. As well some few night clubs to enjoy your nights,as Nungwi is the most touristy part of the island.

NUNGWI of the most beautifull parts on the north west of the island, surrounded whit stunning sandy beaches, turquaze sea, wonderfull sunsets. It’s an eye straps for everyone. Nungwi is away from the capital Stone Town around 55km. The path leads through the picturesque world of the AfricanWay of life and beautifull nature. On the outskirts of Nungwi village there are three boutique bungalows in an idyllic location,yust a short walk to the beach.




SLAVE ISLAND - Nakupenda

Did you know that NAKUPENDA means I LOVE YOU ?

In the city port of STONE TOWN, we will board a boat that will take us to the ISLAND OF SLAVES – PRISON ISLAND (called CHANGU ISLAND). The ride takes about 20 minutes.

Years ago, it was used as a prison for slaves and as a quarantine for people with yellow fever. Now the biggest attraction on the island are the large turtles, which were brought from the Seychelles in the 19th century.

After visiting the island, we board the boat again and drive to the islet of white sand in the middle of the Indian Ocean, which is surrounded by a coral reef, home to Marvel fish and is also ideal for snorkeling

Here will be time for a delicious lunch, relaxation, swimming, socializing and surrendering to the tropical sun.


On a spice trip, you will walk around the spice farm, and enjoy it immensely, as the guide will introduce you to both tropical fruits and spices and explain how and where they grow and how we use them.

You will be able to smell them, taste them and enjoy the tropical nature.

Cassava, nutmeg, cinnamon, chili, pepper, coconut, papaya, vanilla, and the trees from which perfumes are made, and monge others.

After viewing and presentation, it will also be possible to buy fresh spices and condiments.


Zanzibar offers you traditional fishing with local methods.

You will set sail with a local fisherman who will show you how to fish for a living, which they use on a daily basis.

What are the procedures, pitfalls and benefits of traditional fishing, you will discover on the adventure itself.


A ride on traditional wooden boats Dhaw, takes you at sunset all the way from Nungwi Coast to Kendwe.

You will be able to observe the beautiful coast from another perspective and enjoy the spectacular sunset, while at the same time toasting with a glass of wine in the company of friends and good music.

Definitely a good relaxation under the rays of the African sun.


Dolphin watching is on the south side of Kizimkazi Island.

The tour is usually in the early morning hours, as we are most likely to see them and mingle with them.
This is a full day trip, because after spending time with the dolphins, we set sail to a sand dune, where we enjoy a good lunch and rest.


Stone Town is the cultural center and old town of the island and lies on the west side of Zanzibar Island. The name Stone Town comes from the many multi-storey stone buildings that co-shape the old part of the city. Many of the buildings are over 150 years old and quite a few are also built of coral. The bad feature of this is that they crumble and therefore many buildings are in extremely poor condition. The 19th-century style is still visible in the city, when Zanzibar was a major trading center in the Indian Ocean. The city is enriched by large bazaars, markets, 2 cathedrals, over 50 mosques, etc. Zanzibar is a World Heritage Site. Stunning narrow streets, like a labyrinth connected, full of local galleries and shops, mighty buildings, dating back to the time of the Sultanate of Oman, give you a mystical aftertaste.

Visits & Wievs:
Mandatory visit to the fruit market, which was opened in 1904 and today offers an abundance of a variety of fruits and spices
Visit to the Anglican Cathedral from 1874 in the area where slaves were traded
Zanzibar National Museum, also called the Peace Memorial Museum. The museum collections reveal the natural history of the Otka and house a large number of artifacts.
A walk through the gardens of Forondhani Gardens, which come to life even more in the evenings, where they prepare and present culinary delicacies.
The House of Miracles, erected by the Sultan in order to regulate administrative matters and organize various ceremonies.
World-famous but unfortunately deceased singer Fredy Mercury (Oueen), with the real name Farrokh Bulsara, has a memorial house in the city center, as he was born on this beautiful island ( 1946 – 1991).

JOZANI FORREST, home of rare monkeys

The only natural forest – also the National Park in Zanzibar, which covers 2,512 hectares. It is located in the central region of the island between Cwaka Bay in the north and Uzi Bay in the south, just 20 minutes from Stone Town. This forest is home to rare RED COLOBUS monkeys, which are the only endemics in this forest. In this forest we also find large swamps where unique spices grow and Sykes monkeys live, over 50 species of butterflies and 40 species of birds.

The trip through the forest takes about 3 hours, so you can enjoy the freshness of the forest and the natural beauty of nature.


Safari blue, is a boat trip. We will sail with traditional wooden Dhow boats from Fumba fishing village, which lies in the southeast of Zanzibar.

On this trip you will be able to see dolphins, swim, snorkel, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

We will take a boat ride to an open swamp interspersed with tree roots and mighty rocks jutting out of the great ocean.

Lunch is served on a nearby island in a traditional style with plenty of seafood and meat food.


Zanzibar is world famous for its big game fishing, which offers an unlimited range of Indian Ocean fish. The canals are full of fish, lying between Zanzibar, Pemba and Malia.
Both professionals and amateurs can try their luck during the action hours – the most common fish are barracuda, tuna, sea bream, king fish, wanoo, etc.
Professional fishing boats are equipped with the latest technology and international safety standards, GPS navigation, sonars, fish finders, and all international permits.

ZANZIBAR THE ROCK - restaurant

The Rock Restaurant, is one of the most picturesque in the world, built on a large rock and connected to the coast just at low tide.

At high tide, it can only be reached by boat. Stunning dining surrounded by the turquoise Indian Ocean will not leave you indifferent.

It is located on the east coast of Kae, Pingwe beach – which has been marked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Zanzibar International Airport is called Abeid Amani Karume 💜

Emirates-Qatar-Turkish-Ethiopian arlines💜

Tickets are often very affordable to buy up to 6 months in advance or no later than 2 months before departure.💜

A DA visa costs $ 50, which can be purchased directly at the airport before entering the country or early online.

NO – there is no need for vaccination for Zanzibar (only in case of an epidemic), but for mainland Africa they are recommended or in some cases mandatory (malaria, yellow fever)
Vaccination against YELLOW FEVER is necessary in case of prolonged transit in endangered areas of mainland Africa.💜

The currency is the Tanzanian shilling, and the US dollar is equivalent.
For all of you who come from the EU, the euro is not a problem, as the exchange is much better than the dollar.
For the first day, however, it is recommended to have a few dollars in smaller banknotes.💜

Zanzibar lies 6 ° below the equator and enjoys a tropical climate. Temperatures are around 28 ° throughout the year, if you want to avoid rain, do not travel in April and May (since it is the rainy season)
The dry season is from December to March💜

The local official language is Swahili and Anglescina💜

In Zanzibar, drive on the left side. For safe and easy movement, it is best to rent a taxi, as the roads on the island are not in the best condition.
A local Dala-Dala bus is also possibl💜

Zanzibar is a safe and tranquil island of friendly people, good tropical climate, music, food and drink💜


Water sledding





Fishing boat

Baby Beach Lodge

Kendwa Rock





Nungwi Inn


Turkish restaurant

Mama Mia



  • Jambiani house accomodations


  • Next Paradise Boutique Resort


  • SERENGETI – national park, safari, village of Maasai
  • NGORONGORO OLDUVAI Reserve and Canyon
  • MANYARA, national park, safari
  • FOREST MOGOROTO, hiking, camping
  • KILIMANJARO, the highest mountain in Africa
  • SELOUS, a UNESCO reserve
  • ARUSHA, National Park
  • MERU, stratovolcano, climbing area
  • DAR ES SALAM, sightseeing





Sailing with a catamaran

Horse riding

Beach volleyball and football



  • surfing and kiting

  • KENDWA ROCK- a famous party at the full moon

Size: 1651 km2
Population: about 1.3 million
Capital: Stone Town

Zanzibar whispers to the tropical wind about sultans, slaves and spices.
The island captured the imagination of the world with the scent of secrets.
The island of Zanzibar lies 45 km east of the Tanzanian coast and is called UNGUJA by the locals. The largest islands are PEMBA and UNGUJA, surrounded by 50 smaller islands.
This small family of islands has had an enviable influence along the East African coast, from Mozambique in the south to Oman in the Arabian Peninsula and India in the North.
With its strategic location between continental Africa and the waters of the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar has flourished as a rich trading center for centuries.
Traditional wooden Dhow sailboats from the Persian Gulf, brought shipments of silk and Chinese porcelain to Zanzibar, and returned loaded with gold, ivory and slaves.
Zanzibar used to be a place where you could meet half of the world.
Untouched nature, friendly people and local food are perfect for exploring. Divine vegetation with an abundance of tropical fruits and blooming roses is a constant of the island.
Its one of the most beautiful destinations for a honeymoon, as its offers a sea of idyllic beaches that are breathtaking.